Naagin Seaon 2, 1st January 2017 Written Update

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Naagin Seaon 2, 1st January 2017 Written Update

Earlier, Shivangi retrieves Rudra from Mahish’s trap by breaking one of his horns. Meanwhile, a berserk skeptical orders Yamini to bring back his lost horn, and also informs about the existence of another serpent. While Ruchika conspires to kill Shivangi, Rudra convinces Shivangi to kill Rocky. Whose blood will spill find out now in this article!

The horror flick Naagin Season 2 further showcased that Shivangi went into the jungle in search of Rudra and somehow Rocky got to know that Shivangi is in the jungle and she went in search of her where Shivangi go faint and Rudra holds her. Rudra feels scared that Rocky is in the jungle in search of Shivangi so he should not see me with her.

Now somehow Rocky manages to bring Shivangi in the temple where Yamini did drama that she is having tears for Shivangi and Rocky and she need to do the Puja. Shivangi looked dazed there. Ankush and Shesha also go worried thinking that how they can have the Naag Mani.

Avantika, Ankush, Yamini and Shesha make a plan that by doing Puja in the Mandir we will have the Naag Maani and Avantika also said that this will be the best idea but remember it will be fine if you and Ankush go there as if the ghost will see me and Shesha than it can be problem and Yamini gives nod.

Rocky feel sceptical of Shivangi that she doesn’t love him and he also asked to her that if she doesn’t love Rocky then Shivangi does not need to keep the fast for Karwa Chauth and Shivangi feel something eventually. Now Yamini and Ankush come in the Mandir and they see the Naag Maani.

Yamini tries to lift the Naag Mani but goes injured and Ankush now see a man and did drama that Yamini is here injured so he needs to help them but eventually the man appear on his real form and it gets clears that he is the ghost Mahish and he is having power.

Now Rudra informs Shivangi that Rocky and Sesha have planned to kill her tonight, so she should kill Rocky tonight first. Shivangi feel that she is in love with Rocky and Rudra asked to her that is she loves Rocky. Co-incidentally Rocky passes by and hears their conversation. Rudra asks Shivangi if she fell in Rocky’s love. Shivangi says no, she has not and will kill him tonight. Rudra feels shattered hearing this and Rocky too.

As of now the horror TV series Naagin Season, 2 is yet to focus on that there is the fight for the Naag Mani. After tracing the location of the Naagmani, Yamini tries her best to procure it. Will Shivangi be able to spoil her evil plans!


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