Ishqbaaz 6th January 2017 Written Update

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Ishqbaaz 6th January 2017 Written Update

The famous TV series “Ishqbaaz” constantly made to give goose bumps to the viewers with its never impending dilemma way and completed the essential crux of the performance is to showcase in the freshest episodes that, Anika cries and say on the off chance that anything will transpire shivaye, by what means will. Shiavye says nothing will happen to me and to you till I am here and holds her.

Om, Soumya, Shivaye, Rudra, and Anika were standing and Anika says Tia is not that what she looks like, something is truly fishy. Tia says to Shewtlana that everything is according to our arrangement.

Where In the latest episode, Randhir and Priyanka converse with each other. Priyanka inquires as to whether he is fine and do his dressing on wounds. Randhir says that you gave me part of torment and this torment is nothing infront of that.

Priyanka apologizes to him. Randhir says that I need to render retribution yet without ruining anybody’s nobility. Priyanka holds his hand and apologize to him and express gratitude toward him for sparing her poise.

Anika and Shivaye battle, however, all of a sudden Jhanvi comes and illuminate that Tej is not picking the call and nobody knows where is he now? Shivaye goes to discover yet Tej returns with Shewtlana in his arms. Anika calls the doctor.

Jhanvi and Dadi ask what happened to her? Tia sees her and cries and calls Romi. Tej says that she saved my life from mischance. Tia says to Romi we can’t lose di. I have to go to her, Romi stops her and says Shewtlana di plan will bomb, please shellfish down. Tia cries seeing her state.

Tej tries so that Shewtlana pick up consciousness and yell where is a doctor. Anika says that doctor is coming soon. Shewtlana recover consciousness. A few looks in outrage and some in pressure.

Om asks in the event that she is soo much hurt than for what good reason didn’t you took her to the hospital. Tej answers that I esteem Oberoi’s poise more than anything, not at all like you. Om says yes, that is the reason you went to her in the wake of leaving the house. Tej yells Om. Jhanvi requests that they stop. Om says why should we.

Shivaye interfere and ask how did this happen? Tej says that auto breaks were fizzled. Shivaye says how its conceivable your auto was adjusted. Tej says my auto tires was punctured so I took your car. Anika says it implies Shivaye, you were the target. Shivaye considers.