Ishqbaaz 4th January 2017 Written Update

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Ishqbaaz 4th January 2017 Written Update

STAR PULS most refreshing exciting program, “Ishqbaaz” looks like the more impressed interesting show, which gives the enormous voltage potential that provides to the Ishqbaaz supporters. The popular TV series “Ishqbaaz” continuously made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never reaching dilemma way and exposed the fundamental crux of the presentation is to showcase in the newest episodes that, Shivaye answers the call. The glass falls and breaks. Anika hears it and yells Shivaye, are you fine.

Where In the latest episode, Tia says I left Oberoi house, Anika is after me, Shivaye is distant from everyone else now, precisely where he ought to go, you can play your best course of action. Anika says why is she going to the latrine. Shivaye is in the room. Hireling gets a laser gadget and puts light on Shivaye. Anika searches for Tia. She says where did Tia go. Tia asks are you tailing me. Anika asks what are you doing here. Tia asks is this your room, you have no privilege to ask me. Anika says I m beyond any doubt you are cooking some khichdi here. Tia says that khichdi smell got you here. Hireling utilizes laser at the glass edges.

Anika asks what’s your arrangement, let me know unmistakably. Tia asks truly, did you think I will let you know. Anika says what would I be able to anticipate from you, I knew you won’t state, utilize your faculties, think Shivaye believes you a great deal, you are playing traps against him, you are putting somebody’s tyke on him, and still, at the end of the day he is prepared to give his name to tyke so that your name does not get ruined.

Tia says your life may rotate around Shivaye, not mine, trust me, I have numerous things to think and do. Shivaye works. Tia says Shivaye will give you separate, I m his significant other on the planet’s sight, this child is likewise of Shivaye, I got what I needed from him. Hireling keeps cutting glass edges. Anika says you are not doing this for Shivaye. Tkia says my mindset is not white collar class like you, to do spouse’s puja, Shivaye is the little piece of this world. Anika asks what do you need, why are you doing this. Tia says continue considering, believe me, you can’t envision what I need and why I m doing this, Shivaye can be my direction, not goal, his work is done, I couldn’t care less he exists or not. Anika gets stunned. Tia goes. Anika says it means Shivaye’s life is in threat, I need to call him. She calls Shivaye. She wishes he answers the call. Shivaye dismisses and strolls. The glass structure falls.